E3 Crix Clip - The Story of Crix Lee and her NAUGHTY BEAR

One of my fave things about this year's E3 was running into a GIANT Naughty Bear walking the show floor, so of COURSE I go straight for the pr lady with him and said 'OOH, can I get a pic with him?' and I told her about how I didn't think it was fair that there was Freddy Kruebear and "Slasher Bear" so I renamed him Jason Bearhees. She cracked up, said "That's a great name" and then proceeded to tell me that he was there to play Beatles Rock Band. So I made a beeline for my camera guy, Eddie, and said 'Whatever he does, I don't care. Just don't stop filming!'. Gold, I tells you.

Enjoy and thanks again to Shannon at 505 Games for allowing me to do what I've wanted to do since the game was announced:

Hug Naughty Bear!

He was SO soft, dude. I wanted to hug him all day...

So come and hear a tale so fair, about a girl named Crix and her Naughty Bear.

For more info, hit up the Official Website!

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