Twilling's WWE NXT Hitlist


C.M. Punk warms up to Darren Young: One thing I noticed last night was that the WWE pros were really starting to warm up to their rookies in terms of taking personal pride in whether or not they did well. Punk said he would forgive Young for not joining the SES last week if he beat Luke Gallows and he kept his word. The relationships between the pros and rookies are becoming the highlight of the show.

The Miz shoots some tough love at Daniel Bryan: Bryan was one of my favorite wrestlers when he worked for ROH Wrestling. I do not like his WWE character. He never wins a match and he always has that stupid smile on his face. Miz finally got into his face and Bryan showed a lot of fire and concentration. It didn't lead to a win, but I have a feeling things will turn around for Bryan starting now.

Christian vs. Wade Barrett: Barrett has had a little experience working with the pros and he handles himself just fine in there. It's difficult not to have a good match with Christian, but nonetheless, Barrett has been the best all around performer in this competition.

David Otunga: He didn't even do much on last night's show and he didn't have to. He received mega heat from the crowd with every little facial expression, movement, and nuance. Imagine if he is able become a good in ring performer?

WWE NXT Misses

Promo competition: That was terrible. Barrett not only won the competition, he was the only one who gave a good promo. Nobody was good and given this is WWE, I'm sure a lot of people were shaking their heads backstage. Barrett did have the advantage of working in front of his hometown crowd, but he was still a solid promo.

Daniel Bryan gets squashed: We get that he is the underdog, but he isn't even competitive anymore. I think he will turn things around, but a speech from Miz should not make him a better wrestler. If he lost and had good showings, that would be one thing, but he is not even close to winning matches.

Michael Tarver: Carlito has done nothing for Tarver and Tarver is doing nothing for himself. Who knows? Maybe the "I'm not going to say anything" gimmick will catch on for him. In my opinion, he is just not connecting with the crowd and he isn't very good in the ring. Hopefully he will get better because I doubt Darren Young will be the first guy eliminated.
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