Geek Girl's Top 10 Hottest Geek Guys

by @geekgirls

Lately, there  seems to be such an obsession with hot ladies who are into games and comics,  which is fine, but what about all the hot geek guys?? Us ladies have been  feeling slightly unfulfilled with that media coverage.

So, in no  particular order, here is my list of the Top  10 Hottest Geek Guys:

rivers cuomoRivers Cuomo
Rocking horn-rimmed glasses and bolt guitar strap, Rivers is the epitome  of hot-geek-guy.  Rivers front the band Weezer and waves his geek flag high with songs like In the Garage, My Name is  Jonas, The Good Life, and If You Are Wondering If I Want You To. In a 2001 Rolling Stone interview, he was  asked what kind of characters he played in Dungeons & Dragons; he said he preferred  elven or half-elven split-class fighter-thieves.

Wil WheatonWil Wheaton
  Richard William Wheaton III is best known for his acting  role of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation which pretty much gives him automatic geek credits. Aside from his acting  career, this cutie continues with his geekiness by playing Dungeons & Dragons, blogging for sites  like Suicide Girls’ Geek  in Review, La Weekly’s LA Daily, and  Amazon’s End User.  Wil allegedly said that in his teenage years,  "I was such a geek that if I could go back in time, I would kick my own  ass.”

Andy SambergAndy Samberg
  Best known  for his SNL  Digital Shorts “Lazy Sunday” and “I’m on a Boat”, this adorable geeky guy  weaves tons of geek culture into most of his comedy sketches. Aside from SNL,  Andy’s acting work includes Hot Rod, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and appearances  on Arrested Developments and the Sarah Silverman Program. I still think “Laser  Cats” is still one of the funniest videos ever.

Agent MAgent M
  This  eye-patch rocking hottie, Agent M (aka Ryan  Penagos), is the editor of,  comic reader, gamers and lover of tacos. With 1.5 million followers on Twitter,  Agent M tweets like the best of ‘em sharing news on his favorite things,  including Marvel, and hilarious anecdotes of his day.

  Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
Well before  giving birth to the hit animated series Family Guy and American Dad, this cutie has long standing  geek credits, identifying himself as a Star  Wars, Star Trek and Sci-Fi  fanboy. Aside from his obvious fandom, Seth also sings, plays piano, supports  gay rights, won a ton of Emmys…I mean, what’s not to love?

Masi OkaMasi Oka
 Masi Oka not only controls the space time continuum in the Sci-Fi series Heroes, he also holds a double-majored in math and computer  science from Brown University AND works at George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic.

Vin DieselVin Diesel
  Mr.  Diesel is a an all around nerd and  gamer who has been playing Dungeons and  Dragons for the last 20 years. There’s even a rumor that his D&D character’s  name is tattooed on his body. Establishing his own gaming development house called Tigon  Studios, Vin has recently brought out a game called Chronicles of Riddick:  Escape from Butcher Bay that was renowned for being better then the film. Game  on!

Jensen AcklesJensen Ackles
This sexy  heart-throb began his acting career at 19 starring in roles for geek-centric  shows such as Dark Angel and Smallville.And People Magazine rightly named him Sexiest Ghostbuster  (Along with costar Jared Padalecki) for his kick-ass role in the series Supernatural. Now all of  my Thursday evenings are spent swooning and drooling.

Seth GreenSeth Green
  This adorable  geek guy is most recently known for producing the hilarious animated short "Robot Chicken: Star Wars" special, which won an  Annie Award in 2008. Seth isn’t a newbie to television though; he has appeared  in tons of geek classics including Arcade, It, Can’t  Buy Me Love, Pump Up the Volume, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Family Guy and Heroes. Phew!

Chris HardwickChris Hardwick
  Chris, aptly nicknamed  the Nerdist, confesses that his road to  geek guy fame began in the early 90s when he began writing comedic songs about  science. And this hottie has more than made up for his past on MTV’s Singled Out, with his most recent gigs  as host of G4’s Web Soup and writer for Wired Magazine.

  The  information has been taken from millions of places around the net and not  verified, but I’m pretty sure it’s all true :)
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