Take A Peek At The FINAL FANTASY XIV Alpha Tester Manual


image courtesy of My Journey Through Eorzea

 Didn't get into the alpha test for the much-anticipated new MMO? Want to live vicariously through someone who did? Then head on over to My Journey Through Eorzea, a blog written by a lucky alpha tester who has been posting some juicy info on the game in this stage, including in-game stills and videos. Most recently, the player has posted what s/he claims is the official guide sent by Square Enix to alpha testers. The gaming blog Kotaku has contacted Square Enix to confirm the guide's authenticity, but until a response is issued, you can still enjoy reading the guide and daydreaming about your own journeys through Eorzea. Here's an excerpt from the section on the battle system to get you started:

The Flow of Battle

1. Ready an arm or tool, changing from passive mode to active mode.
2. Target an enemy.
3. Select a command from the action bar, and make use of the action and effect gauges to execute it effectively.
4. Strategize with other party members, deciding upon an appropriate Battle Regimen*.
5. Gain victory in battle to be rewarded with experience and skill points.
6. Obtain and distribute any loot dropped by the enemy.

* Battle Regimen

Battle Regimens are combat tactics which party members may employ against a single enemy. By coordinating and executing battle commands in a precise order, players may cause certain additional beneficial effects to occur.

A Battle Regimen begins with the stacking of battle commands. All party members who wish to take part in the Battle Regimen must stack their actions in the correct order against the desired target. One of the members then initiates the Battle Regimen, and the stacked actions will be executed automatically.

Step 1: Consult with other party members to determine the best Battle Regimen to use against a specific target. The battle commands and the order in which they are to be executed should all be decided.

Step 2: Wait until your position in the queue comes around to switch to Battle Regimen mode and select the battle command you wish to stack.

Step 3: After all participating party members have stacked their battle commands, one of the party members selects to initiate the Battle Regimen.

Step 4: Once the Battle Regimen is initiated, the stacked battle commands will all be executed automatically, chaining together to create additional effects.

Please note that factors such as distance from the enemy may prevent stacked battle commands from being executed once the Battle Regimen is initiated. In these cases, the Battle Regimen will not end, but will instead proceed on to the next command in the queue.

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