Rob Van Dam comments on the possibility of Paul Heyman joining TNA

Rob Van Dam was asked by Brian Fritz of whether he'd like to see Paul Heyman join TNA. "Paul and I do stay in touch, we're friends," Van Dam said. "Of course, I would be thrilled to have him there and I think that he really, I know that he really has a way of staying on the pulse of people and staying really connected in what they want. He's a little bit ahead of them. 

"He knows what the people want next week, what they're going to be listening to next, what kind of music is going to be coming around. That's something that is really important and he would make it cool. His name does come up a lot by fans or some of the other wrestlers or by people that curious, wondering if he is going to come in. To the best of my knowledge, no. I don't know if he is. That would be nice but I have no reason that he is...

"Obviously, one thing that RVD has is I'm one of a kind. I'm an original – I stand out. But promoters don't know that. They try to put me in a formula for everyone else. In the 20 years of my career, there's only been one promoter that understood to just let me go out there and do my thing and that was Paul. In fact, he taught it to me." To read the full interview, visit

Powell's POV: I've said many times over the years that I'd love to see Dixie Carter reach out to Paul Heyman and offer him the booking job. Vince Russo wrote in his latest book that Heyman turned down his request to join the company, but I'd be stunned if Heyman ever agreed to join a creative team. His name has been coming up a lot lately within TNA, but I've seen nothing to make me think that Dixie is ready to make a creative change. The rest of the Van Dam interview focusses on why he came to TNA, whether a WWE return was ever a serious possibility, and more. 

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