POKEMON 5th Generation Announcement Upcoming


Serebii.net is reporting that April 11th should be a date to keep an eye on if you are a Pokemon fan. CoroCoro, a popular manga publication in Japan, usually responsible for releasing much anticipated Pokemon news, has already confirmed to be revealing details about the next game on April 15th. But what's interesting to note is that leaks of the magazine have always seemed to fall a few days before it hits stands officially. 

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver were just released stateside, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from already announcing development on their next Pokemon project. And this isn't just some random off-shoot Pokemon Ranger game. Nope. This is the real deal: Pokemon the 5th Generation. In other words, expect to see 100 or so of those cute little pocket monsters coming to a DS near you. 

Via Serebii.net

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