NHL PLAYOFFS: It Continues....


The upsets don't seem to want to slow down after day two of the NHL playoffs.  This Geekweeker's picks aren't looking too good right about now, but don't sweat it puck-heads... everything is going to be fine... I think.

Both top seeds have now tasted defeat in their opening games, as the Capitals lost game one to Montreal last night in a crushing overtime loss. We now have two instances of a Cinderella story emerging, with either the Avalanche or Canadiens taking up the role. It should make for some exciting hockey over the next couple weeks.

Alexander Ovechkin was held to no shots in game one with the Canadiens, and even his coach Bruce Boudreau had words about his all-star after the game, curtly saying: "He didn't play his best hockey tonight". Montreal made sure that Ovechkin was their top priority during the entire evening, and they never let up.

There was no underdog trouble for the third seeds as both Vancouver and Buffalo looked strong in their playoff debuts. The Canucks ended things in OT with the Kings while the Sabres are definitely in a dogfight with the Bruins.

Here is a look at the scores from around the league last night:

#1 Washington LOGO_Washington_Capitals  2

#8 Montreal      LOGO_Montreal_Canadiens  3 (OT)

(Canadiens Lead Series 1-0)

#3 Buffalo     Buffalo_sabres_1993  2

#6 Boston       Bruins 1

(Sabre's Lead Series 1-0)

#3 Vancouver  Vancouver_Canucks 3 (OT)

#6 Los Angeles LA kings 2

(Canucks Lead Series 1-0)

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