How To Get 10000000000 Photos of Nothing And Be An Asshole, All At The Same Time

I hate the paparazzi and I don't even have to deal with them.  Imagine trying to leave your house and encountering this:

And to the assholes who say "that's the price of fame" let me just say... really?  Why?  Do you think people who become famous legitimately via talent and hardwork somehow don't deserve it? What if that was the price of being a construction worker? What if it was the price of being a doctor? Would you be like "hey, I know you build houses or save lives or whatever but we think we have a right to pictures of you right after everyone on the planet found out you married a jackass who treated you like crap and you're just trying to have a freaking moment outside your house."

I love working in film.  But sometimes, when I see shit like this, I hate this place.

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