Clöse, But Nö Mjölnir: The Runner-Up Theme Söng För Upcöming Avengers Animated Feature

As a musician in Los Angeles I get called to do all sorts of fun and challenging gigs, but when a producer friend of mine named Mike Baiardi, owner of Soundfile Productions reached out to me about a year ago to play on a theme song he was submitting for an upcoming Avengers Animated movie, I knew it was one of those truly special opportunities.

My man said a producer friend of his at Marvel Animated Studios hit him up looking for an old-school, 80s-style rock track, and as I was playing with a rock band called Cast of Kings that was tearing up the Sunset Strip with our own spin on that vibe at the time, he thought we’d be perfect for the gig. He wrote the music and lyrics and one by one we trickled in to play on it. The results were spectacular and we had made it to the final two round… but in the end they went with the other submission.

So rather than crying over spilt Skrull blood, I would like to present the fruits of our labor, a blistering rock track called "Avengers Assemble" for your listening enjoyment.  I threw the accompanying movie together as an tribute to the fans who make comic conventions so special by going all out and making these killer costumes.  Grab your shields, hammers, bows, and twisted android appetites for human females, for it is time to rock. 


"Avengers Assemble" was written and produced by Mike Baiardi, mixed and recorded at Soundfile Productions, and performed by Cast of Kings.

Michael Baiardi is a composer, music producer and music publishing company owner. In his 15+ year career, he has produced and created music for clients such as Warner Bros Records, Epic Records, Island Records, Capitol Records, Lakeshore Records, NBC, ABC, CBS, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers Films, Lionsgate Films and Disney among others.

Soundfile Productions Inc, is a full service music production, composing, music licensing and music publishing company and has created and provided music to hundreds of television shows, feature films, video games, and other media. Recent feature film projects include "The Taking Of Pelham 123 (Sony)", " Step Up 2 (Disney)", "Harold and Kumar (New Line)" and "Waitress (FOX)". Television shows include "Modern Family (ABC)", "Law and Order (NBC)", "CSI (CBS)" and many more.

Cast of Kings are currently on hiatus while all members are exploring other opportunities.

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