Black and White Report for April 20 -- A Very Happy 4:20 For RVD

With the chaos of the volcanic ash keeping the Raw roster in Europe, I don't feel like it's a fair week to really analyze Raw. They did the best they could under the circumstances. I love the Undertaker and Lillian Garcia are team players.

The big news coming out of last night's shows was, of course, that RVD won the TNA World Title. Back when I was writing for Pro Wrestling Illustrated, I said that RVD's victory at One Night Stand 2006 was my favorite moment in my more than two decades of watching wrestling. I particularly loved that he jumped the rail and celebrated with his wife Sonya. They'd been through a lot in those days, with Sonya's leg injury, etc. It was so awesome to see them celebrate together, ignoring the wrestlers that raced to the ring to congratulate him. I loved it. Always will.

Last night's victory had a different feel, but I loved it just as much. I wish that Sonya could have been on sceen again, this time as a cancer survivor celebrating with RVD, but nonetheless, it was a classic moment I'll never forget.

RVD deserved the title. He has legions of rabid followers who chant his name. He shines in the ring every time. And he's a solid human being. Really, I don't know anyone who cares more about his friends, advocates for his beliefs more passionately, or is a better role model for a person's inner peace.

TNA took itself to the next level last night by crowning RVD champion. It's a new era. And the show itself was the strongest since the move to Mondays. It was simple, logical, and motivated. Couldn't ask for more. So, I won't.

I'm just crazy happy for RVD! Congratulations, my friend. This is one 4:20 you'll never forget!

If you want to celebrate with RVD, check out what he wrote on Check out this page today....

(Warning: deals with drugs and legalization...don't click if offended...)

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