William Shakespeare, Victim of Longest Credit Arbitration In History

A play which was uncovered nearly 300 years ago is finally credited to William Shakespeare.  According to the BBC News, "The work, titled "Double Falsehood", was written by the playwright and another dramatist, John Fletcher.  Theatre impresario Lewis Theobald presented the play in the 18th century as an adaptation of a Shakespeare play but it was dismissed as a forgery.  But scholars for British Shakespeare publisher, Arden, now believe the Bard wrote large parts of the play."

Even the greatest writer of the English language had to claw his way to get a "written by" credit!  Man, this business is tough.

Faed.Shakespeare 17th Century painting of William Shakespeare going through "Hamlet" credit arbitration as Michael Brandt and Derek Haas (who did rewrites) stand behind the Bard awaiting verdict.

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