Warner Bros. To Bring GODZILLA Back To The Big Screen


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting, "Everyone's favorite gigantic, havoc-wreaking lizard, Godzilla, is on his way back to the big screen via Legendary Pictures, which has acquired the rights to develop and produce a new feature based on the iconic Toho Co. character. Warner Bros. will co-produce, co-finance and distribute through its deal with Legendary, and Toho will roll out the film in Japan.  The last major Godzilla outing, an American, New York-set version from Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, grossed $376 million worldwide in 1998 despite fielding equally major criticism. Toho quickly produced "Godzilla 2000," in which the big beast took on an evil UFO, the following year."

After Hollywood's last failed incarnation of GODZILLA, I welcome another chance for redemption.  Can we get Chris Nolan to oversee this one too?

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