UFC star Frank Mir says Shane Carwin is more dangerous of an opponent to him than Brock Lesnar

UFC star and former Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir described his next opponent, Shane Carwin, as "more dangerous for me" than Brock Lesnar. "...with Lesnar, on my feet, I have no real anxiety about standing there and boxing. He's knocked people over because he clubs people with his hands, but he's not really a knockout artist. Carwin has actually knocked people out." To read all of Mir's comments, MMAjunkie.com head over to <a href="http://mmajunkie.com/news/18307/ufc-111s-mir-says-carwin-more-dangerous-than-lesnar-ok-if-velasquez-gets-first-crack.mma" target="_blank">MMAjunkie.com.</a> Twill's Two Cents: Mir is a great talker and has a great ability to sell fights with his comments. These were also very calculating comments in that he is basically giving himself an out if he cannot beat Carwin. I wonder if he is lacking confidence, or if he is very sure of winning and wants to build Carwin up in the process. Mir is correct; Carwin can stand up and knock Mir out while Brock employs a ground and pound type of style. However, Carwin is untested past the first round, so the longer Mir hangs around, the better chance he has of winning. Mir beating Carwin would set up the big money fight with Lesnar, but Carwin vs. Lesnar could be huge as well.
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