LOST: The Recap Is My Constant - Re-Conning Everything


There was so much re-conning last night! Sawyer re-conned Fish Biscuit Island, that lady with the fake face and wig re-conned back at him, and Claire re-conned Kate's neck with a knife! Plus, Charles Widmore was re-conned by Sawyer who is a con man! GET IT? And then Sawyer re-conned (GET IT AGAIN?) Widmore and Smocke! Confused yet? Let's recon last night's episode.

During the sideways world flashbacks (flashsides? whatever), Sawyer was up to his old pigeon drop tricks with a pretty lady until whoopsy daisy the tables were turned and guess what audience? Sawyer is a cop and Miles is his partner! Best. Buddy Cop Movie Premise. Ever.

So Sawyer is going by his given name (James Ford) and still on the hunt for the con man who killed his father (Andrew Cooper AKA Sawyer AKA Locke's Dad). Also he went on a fancy date with Charlotte the Archeologist and they did it. After the doing it, Charlotte got snoop-y in Sawyer's drawers (heh) and found his Daddy scrapbook and Sawyer/Ford threw a tantrum. The date did not end well.

Back on the Island, Smocke tells Kate about his crazy mom and how his crazy mom effed up his life and maybe that's why he is so EVIL with the KILLING and the EVIL. Then he alluded to Claire's baby Aaron having a crazy mom and the audience was left to ponder whatever will happen to Baby Aaron and will he become EVIL with the KILLING and the EVIL? Obviously, this was all some sort of manipulative maneuver to keep Claire separated from her kid. Or it was the truth. I don't know anymore.

Next up, Smocke sent Sawyer over to Fish Biscuit Island where he re-conned the love cage and sniffed Kate's jail dress a lot. It was sad like a gorilla holding a dead kitten sad. After the manipulative emotional music stopped, Sawyer walked down to the beach and found a stinky pile of bodies and the Middle Eastern plane. We don't know who the dead people are but oh look a lady who looks like an ugly Tina Fey is running away! Recon her Sawyer! And he does. Then a bunch of chubby nerds leap out of the bushes and take everyone down to the submarine.

Sawyer and Charles Widmore have a chat and Sawyer lies to him or he tells the truth. We don't know, really, but he makes a deal for freedom and safe passage. And then he goes back to Regular Island and spills the beans to Smocke who approves of all this double crossing. Re-conned? Probably.

Still confused? ME TOO. Mostly I want to know who the dead pile of people are and when the Miles/Sawyer buddy cop movie is coming out. I'm betting July of this year. See you guys next week!

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