The Comic Book Script Archive: Phil Hester!

Great update on the Comic Book Script Archive from Mr. Phil Hester!

The good folks at Archaia have hooked us up with Phil's script for Days Missing #5. If you haven't read Days Missing, you're...uh, missing out.
Pun aside, it's a very unique story and well worth your time. Highly recommended.


There's a fairly long writeup on the Archive about Phil and Days Missing, which you can read here.

If you'd like to learn more about Phil, check out Filip Sablik's "Thought you'd never ask" column with Mr. Hester, right here on Geekweek!

Bonus Geekweek Trivia: the Days Missing series was edited by our own, Rob Levin

Big thanks to Phil Hester, Stephen Christy at Archaia, and a special shout out to Mel Caylo-- who picked up the ball on this script after I fumbled it!  Thanks, Mel!!

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