Social City: Building Cities is Fun

Remember Sim City? Of course you do. It was probably one of the most fun games ever created. It had many versions along the years. It spanned off 'The Sims', another one in the list of most revolutionary and successful games in history.

Social gaming is bringing the experience back to us with a new game called Social City, developed by Playdom. One main difference between this and perhaps the traditional Sim City is that in this one you integrate your Facebook friends into the experience. You can help them out building and fixing their cities, and compare to see who has the coolest one. The other main difference is that you can play Social City for free. 

Like most social games on Facebook, Social City has unique items and features that can be unlocked if you decide to become a paying user. There is no subscription fee, but there are many ways for you to buy the virtual currency and use it to improve your city.

The game is relatively easy to play, although it has different variables in order for you to grow your city and keep your population happy. It's definitely more complex than the original Sim City, but easier than the latest versions of the game where there was too much going on at all times. 

You can check out the game here and also if you are interested here is an article from InsideSocialGames that offers a more detailed explanation about the game and its features. I'm already addicted to it and building my town!

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