Converse Readies "Punk" Sneaker Line

Just in case anybody was considering for a second that punk isn't dead, allow me to bang the final nail into the coffin. Converse - a shoe once worn by folks on the outskirts of music, fashion and the status quo because they were really cheap to buy - is coming out with a "punk rock" line of sneakers just so we can continue the trend of branding everything we own so people will know which subgenre to squeeze people into.

Converse is releasing Kurt Cobain, Blondie, and Clash lines, complete with kooky art or little sayings so you can let everybody know you're not part of the "the system" - so says the sneakers you just paid $50 for.

Here's the Kurt Cobain line:


Anything - and I mean anything - product-wise that has "punk rock is freedom" written on it is not punk rock. Let me get this across as bluntly as I can: Punk is a way of looking at the world. A way of having an open mind and of loving things in their rawest and most honest form. Shoes building off of a long forgotten folklore that have a "punk" look is a as far off the reservation as you can go. I'm quite sure if they were here Cobain and Clash frontman Joe Strummer would never stop throwing up at the very idea.

Anyway, if your idea of punk rock comes from a catalog, a store in the mall or a need to advertise who you are, check out the rest of the line at Converse and buy, buy, buy your way into the vapid and shallow halls of what once might have been a real movement.

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