Mr. Anderson believes Randy Orton and John Cena helped cost him his WWE job

Ken Anderson revealed in an interview with Brian Fritz of AOL Fanhouse that he believes Randy Orton and John Cena played a part in WWE releasing him. Anderson recalled Orton being upset with him following their final televised match together. "I hadn't seen the tape so I thought I really dropped him on his head," Anderson recalled regarding a belly-to-back suplex. 

"Then I went home and saw the tape and saw that he landed flat. If you slow the video tape down, his neck never comes into contact with the mat.He landed flat as flat can be and then he went and complained to Vince (McMahon) and then (John) Cena went and complained to Vince and said that they didn't want to work with me anymore because I was dangerous and that is what ended up being the final straw. 

"I wouldn't say that's what got me fired because there were so many other things before that. It was like they were looking for a reason to get rid of me." To read the full interview, visit

Powell's POV: Anderson also recalled what Orton said to him after this particular match. Other interview highlights include Anderson telling his wife that he thought he was finished with wrestling after he was fired by WWE, and what his early thoughts are on his TNA run. 

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