Finally! The Complete MAX HEADROOM Comes To DVD

The eighties brought us a slew of creative, original ideas that in our remake crazed world will probably never be topped again.  There is one thing for sure: Max Headroom would have never survived the 21st Century.  This show is definitely a cult classic that -  much like most eighties properties - doesn't mesh too well with today's standards. But don't get me wrong, Max Headroom is a great character (even Coke thought so...) and with Shout! Factory on board to release it you at least know it won't be shoved into a crappy box and sold for $9.95.

For those of you not familiar with our friend Max, it's quite simple: He's the main character's alter-ego. Max is no more than a computer image that spouts off jokes and helps the team battle the forces of evil.  Sound like an eighties movie yet?

Max was ahead of it time, but sadly didn't last too long on the airwaves.  The show, however,  has a  strong cult following and this release is a LONG time coming.

From the official release:

Production has begun to develop a wide range of bonus content for Max Headroom: The Complete Series DVD box set, as well as re-transferring the episodes from the original elements to provide the highest picture quality.

 “Max Headroom is a uniquely sought-after television property, boasting a large fan following and consumer interests. We have been pursing this property with Warner Bros. for years, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally coming to fruition,” state Shout! Factory founding partners. “We’re pop culture fanatics at Shout!, and both of these shows are loved by fans of TV and are highly requested.  We’ll do them justice with great extras and packaging.”


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