Iann Robinson On The Bill Hicks Documentary...

I am a man with few heroes. I don't believe in people or our system and I certainly don't find inspiration with sports figures or movie stars. One of the few heroes I've ever had is this man; Bill Hicks. I first found out about him when I was about 23 or 24 years old after opening a Tool album and finding their tribute to the man.

After listening to his first recordings I was hooked. He was not only brilliantly funny and a gifted storyteller but his insight to the human condition and the corruption that was destroying us was almost other worldly. Hicks inspired me in a large part to be who I am today. Confrontational, loud, and constantly searching for the truth amongst the lies. The death of Bill Hicks was not just a loss for comedy but a crippling loss for humanity.

Jump ahead sixteen years to 2010 and a new documentary titled American: The Bill Hicks Story. The film, directed and produced by Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas is currently burning it up at SXSW and should be getting a full release in the summer. For now check out the trailer, which makes me giddy to see the film.

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