GeekWeek Exclusive: Hasbro's Sgt. Slaughter Comic-Con Figure Revealed!!!

As we're equally huge fans of action figures and professional wrestling here at GeekWeek we are beyond thrilled to present this exclusive first look at the upcoming Sgt. Slaughter 3-3/4" figure, which marks Sarge's return to toys and will be a Hasbro exclusive at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.

Better yet - as recently announced at New York Toy Fair - Sgt. Slaughter will be appearing in the flesh at the Hasbro booth in San Diego to promote these new figures.

There will be two different versions of the figure at the show - a primary figure and a variant edition - each of which will be sold separately. You can check out the key differences in both figures in the pictures below.


Sgt. Slaughter_PF01_1

Sgt. Slaughter_VF01_1
While the primary figure and the variant figure each come equipped with a whistle and non-removable hat, there are also special accessories exclusive to each version.

The PRIMARY FIGURE will include a belt, baton and microphone.

Sgt. Slaughter_PF02_1 The VARIANT FIGURE is packaged with a machine gun and revolver.  

Sgt. Slaughter_VF02_1
The early buzz is that both figures will be made available for purchase on following SDCC, but that is all mere speculation at this point. Given the “special edition” nature of the primary figure (not to mention the “special SPECIAL edition” nature of the variant), one would expect supplies to be very limited following the convention. There is currently no word on pricing but we will let you know once we hear something official. 

As a huge Sgt. Slaughter fan going way back, this figure will be an easy priority purchase for me come San Diego. The only thing cooler than the figure itself would be if Hasbro went retro and produced a new commercial in the style of the classic spot below.

A geek can dream, can't he?

Huge thanks to our friends at Hasbro for the exclusive on this one. Is it Comic-Con yet?

At ease, you pukes! You're dismissed!

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