GARTERS & GHOULS Digi-Comic? Now I'd Buy THAT For A Dollar!

Fresh from the land of video games, comes a new digital comic from the gifted and twisted Kevin Mellon and Harold Sipe. And it's only 99cents. 


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the GARTERS & GHOULS universe, the break down is thus: Evil things are coming to a world of American aristocrats and what stands in the way of this epic darkness? 



Sexy. Dead. Debutantes. 

It’s pure and awesome in a way that you haven’t seen since 8-bit intellectual properties hit your NES. I suppose if you were inclined to marry it to something more intellectual, you could call it GONE WITH THE WIND meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, but you don’t need to. 

It’s living dead debutantes, with perfect legs and garters, facing off against inhuman evil. 

What started as a cell phone game, a top-down, twins-stick shooter with smooth play mechanics (especially considering that the I-phone is a less than perfect gaming platform), is now a full fledged intellectual property with its own digital comic now available for download to your I-Phone, your I-Pod, and eventually your I-Pad and PSP. 



It’s 99 cents and the damn thing is a sincerely fun read. Written by Harold Sipe with full service art (pencils, inks, colors) from Kevin Mellon (Gearhead), the digital comic makes good use of the format, largely due to Mellon’s subtle control of composition. Since digital based comics don’t vary panel size, the artist’s job is somewhere between penciler and animator, making sure that the standard panel size doesn’t impede the kinetics. Mellon’s art matches the challenge, and even inside the standardized panel size that comes with i-phone based sequentials, his trademark unapologetic action shows up in GARTERS & GHOULS and you don’t spend time wishing you were reading a printed comic. 

The best compliment I can give the comic is I wish a director like Sam Raimi would use his clout to make something like this and not something safe and obvious like whatever I’m sure he’s working on right now. Sure DRAG ME TO HELL was fun, but it wasn’t really a risk and if the director of the SPIDER-MAN trilogy is going to flex his might with the irrationally cute Alison Lohman, then I’d like to see her in a debutante dress with a lace garter... 



....huntin' her some futher-muckin’ monsters. 

I love literary comics, but I also love comics that remind me of the reckless joy in genre storytelling. GARTERS and GHOULS is chock full of pure energy. The right energy. The precious WATCH THIS fight THAT energy. 

And it’s 99 cents. Get you some. It looks good on you.

GARTERS and GHOULS is published by IDW and is available at the i-tunes marketplace: HERE. 

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