Enter The Freak Show of Obsolete Video Formats


Step right up, folks!  Step right up!  SEE what people watched before DVDs were invented!  SHUDDER at the gigantic laser disc, which had to be flipped during the movie!  GASP in horror at the VHS tape, which had to be rewound before returning it to the video store!  And if you're a Netflix subscriber who doesn't know what "video store" means, you're in for a shocking discovery...

James Rolfe, aka "The Angry Video Game Nerd," takes it upon himself to review horrible old games for the NES and Atari.  He's also a film enthusiast and in this series of videos, he walks us through a few dated formats for playing home video.

First up is Laserdisc. Compare the size of a CD to a Laserdisc -- it's ri-disc-ulous. James also talks about the Laserdisc's uncanny freeze frame ability, especially when it comes to getting a fuzzy view under Jessica Rabbit's skirt. (Sorta NSFW)

Next up is Betamax, whose tapes were better video quality than VHS, but were crushed in the market place anyway. Beta also has a cartoon legacy.  The format has been referenced in Wall-E, Cowboy Bebop and Snake's famous line in The Simpsons: "Oh no! Beta!"

Finally, we have the ultimate freak show: the CED player. Part Laserdisc, part 8-track, and ten hideous tentacles jutting from its chest the video skips like a record player. Let James and friends walk you through this abomination...

Geoffrey Golden is a comedy writer who's still holding onto his old VHS tapes. Why? Nobody knows.
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