Ahhh nothing like sending Friday out with some high end and good time comic book news. Things are starting to twist and shout as the summer approaches and comic folks begin their newest story arcs for those wistful days under the AC or by the pool.

First up, some movement on the AMC pilot for Walking Dead. The part of Shane will be played by Jon Bernthal who portrayed Al Capone in the second Night At The Museum Movie. Shane is the best friend to Walking Dead's central character Rick (the one handed cop). No word on any other casting or when this thing might see the light of day.

After a few days of taking the piss out of Marvel's melodramatic reveals for their now FOUR Avengers books, Robert Kirkman finally revealed his true Guardians Of The Globe team,  It features old standby The Brit as well as Bulletproof, Outrun, Kaboomarang and Yeti. The team will debut during the Invincible "Viltrumite War" story arc. With Invincible himself off-world, it'll be up to this new team to defend Earth against the Viltrumite attack. Kirkman does promise that other heroes will be part of the Guardians as well.

Since everybody hated the Boondock Saints sequel, it was only a matter of time before they cashed in and made it a comic book. The two issue series (lots of faith there huh?) is titled Boondock Saints: In Nomini Patris and will cover the origin of the MacManus Brother's poppa and the original saint Il Duce. Writer/Director Troy Duffy co-wrote the comic along with writer J.B. Love and art by recent SCAD graduate Guus Floor.

Okay that's it for today, I'm off to drink heavily and read comics.
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