Your New Favorite: Evan Bryce

Since I've been writing comics, I've had occasion to search through a lot of sketchblogs and portfolio sites and DeviantArt pages and whatnot looking for collaborators, and I've discovered tons of excellent cartoonists that I otherwise might never have known. So I thought it might be nice to introduce the rest of world to a few of my favorites.

This week: Evan Bryce!

Evan is a Dallas, Texas-based artist (and high-school art teacher!), with a line so kinetic it threatens to jump right off the page. There's no better word to describe his art than "exciting"--everything is captured at unexpected moments, moving at breakneck speed.

You might have seen the Zuda series he did a little while back, "Hammer Sound." (which shockingly didn't win the competition... what's up with that, Zuda voters?) Or, the webcomic, "President Awesome," written by Dean Trippe. (Which sadly seems to have been abandoned, maybe due to falling poll numbers? How about a Prime Minister's Questions comic for old times sake, guys?)

I personally first encountered Evan through the periodic webcomic he ran on his blog for a while, "Rick Dangerous"--a hilarious, halucinatory series of one-page comics that each feel like one page out of some massive undiscovered pulp opus--the vibe is similar to Fraction & Ba/Moon's Cassanova, only even less logical, if you can imagine that. I've attached a few below, or you can get a pretty full selection of the series in his sketchbook, "Roman Thug Life," available at IndyPlanet. You can also buy original art from Evan through his art dealer, Cadence Comics.

Obligatory plug: Evan and I also did a short story together, called "Cold Feet," which will soon be available in EGG: Hard Boiled Stories #2. You can read the first two pages below.

Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings, on to the reason these posts are worth reading: pretty pictures!

Check back next week for another New Favorite!

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