WWE News: Chris Jericho threatens to skip a house show event

WWE headliner Chris Jericho posted a note on his Twitter page stating that he threatened to skip today's house show event in Abilene, Tex. "I told the WWE office if they didn't set up a TV backstage in Abilene so I can watch the game, that I would skip the show. I wasn't kidding!" To read more tweets from Jericho, click <a href="http://twitter.com/iamJericho" target="_blank">here.</a> Powell's POV: Obviously, Jericho was referring to the Team USA vs. Team Canada gold medal showdown. Under the circumstances, I wouldn't have blamed him a bit had he walked out! Best of luck to my neighbors to the north today, but I'll be rooting for Team USA to pull off one more upset. Win or lose, I'm having a beer and a cigar in honor of my new soul mates from the Canadian women's team. Okay, so I'd have a beer and cigar either way, but thanks for the excuse, ladies.
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