WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair says he'll return to the ring soon

Ric Flair told the Hampton Roads website that he expects to return to the ring soon. "The feud thing with (Hulk) Hogan will play out later," Flair said. "The story line right now is that they've made all these changes to be competitive, and I'm just a part of that." When asked specifically if he'll be returning to the ring, Flair responded: "Yep. And probably sooner than later, much to my dismay. Things are happening quickly." To read the full interview, visit HamptonRoads.com Powell's POV: I reported back in early January on Prowrestling.net that Flair was telling people after his first appearance on January 4 that he was in no rush to work his first TNA match. Flair also stated in the interview that he wasn't sure if he wanted to work for TNA, but he's a fan of Kurt Angle and working on Hulk Hogan's tour in Australia made him realize how much he missed the business.

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