Which Eastwood Movie is Your Favorite, Punk?

I was talking to a few friends the other day and Clint Eastwood came up, which spurred one of them to wax poetic on how much he loved Clint's Gran Torino. My eyes almost bugged out of my head. Gran Torino?! Really? The movie that is by far Eastwood's most heavy-handed, dialogue wincing film ever. Of course that led to an almost Dirty Harry level debate that happily didn't end in anyone's death by .44 Magnum.

But it did lead me take a look at Warner Brothers brand new DVD retrospective called Clint Eastwood: 35 Films, 35 Years. Called 'the definitive DVD collection" from Clint's WB years, it's got everything from Where Eagles Dare to *shudder* Gran Torino. It also includes a 24-page booklet extracted from Richard Shickel's book "Clint: A Retrspective" and a new documentary by Schickel on Clint's filmography. (MSRP: $149.99). If you love Clint, or like Clint, this collection is for you. It certainly reminded me of how great some of his films were (and some of his easily forgotten clunkers like Pink Cadillac). And then it depressed me to think Gran Torino is what some hold up as his best.

So now I need to be cheered up. I DEMAND that you take a look at Clint's whole oeuvre, via this DVD collection or your own, and let me know what your favorite Clint film is.

Watch a clip from the included documentary
The Eastwood Factory from film historian Richard Schickel, which focuses on the making of the Academy Award winning film Unforgiven.

Come on geeks, tell us your all-time favorite Clint Eastwood film - either as the star or the director?

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