Wall Street Fight Club?

In a scene straight out of Fight Club, bankers and traders are said to be trading in their gelled-hair and Armani ties for black eyes and cut lips at gyms around the city.

Max McGarr, a gym program director and professional fighter, told Bloomberg News, "We get a lot of finance guys. It's a good release from their job. If you lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, it's good to come here and get it out."

via www.huffingtonpost.com

MMA as stress relief? I can buy it.

According to Huffington Post one banker even converted the top floor of his duplex into a full MMA training gym. My brother works as a currency trader in emerging markets and could surely benefit from learning how to apply a triangle choke.

There has been a multi-year push to legalize MMA in New York, which would open up Madison Square Garden and the rest of the lucrative market for UFC events. This seems inevitable and you can expect the first MSG MMA event to be an absolute spectacular.

Perhaps Dana White can set a Goldman Sachs death match on the undercard?

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