TREASURES FROM THE AMAZON: Horror Movie For a Modern Age

What makes a good horror movie is a genuine sense of fear, an interwoven sense of reality and fantasy that can play up on those things we are all afraid of deep down.  This is why Halloween: Resurrection works so well, not only does it mix bad horror sequel with reality TV it also gets Tyra Banks to act.

Resurrection was the 8th in the Halloween series and the only one I couldn't make myself sit through.  Lucky for you guys then that I am not like most and all over the internet there are great reviews by semi-literate horror fans which will tell you all about the best bits.  Here's what some guy named Hal8ween wrote.

This is a great movie.WARNING SPOILERS.It starts with Laurie Strode(Jamie Lee Curtis) at a sanatarem where she meets Myers for a showdown. She had Myers but then she wanted his mask off to see if its really him.Then BOOM! he grabs her stabs her and throws her off a building.Later 6 kids Sara,Rudy,Jen,Jim,Donna,and Bill are going into Myers old house.Freddie(Busta Rymes)and NORA(TYRA Banks) set the house up with cameras and fake bodys.then one by one they start to die. Bill/knife to head,Donna/impaled to spike,Jen/decapatated,Jim/head crushed,Rudy impailed with 3 knifes to door,and Nora/stabbed and hung.then only Freddie and Sara are left.Freddie does some kung foo on Myers.Plus Sara uses a chainsaw on him.In the end he burns to death not! In the Autopsy room his eyes open. in conclusion it is a great movie.

I am proud to say that (despite sitting through seven Freddy Kreuger films, five Bring It On films and some unknown number of Planet of the Apes sequels) there is no force on Earth that could ever make me want to meet this reviewer.  My mental pain threshold is just too low.  I do like that Tyra's character got stabbed and hanged (actual past tense of hanging), I'd love to see how she managed to make that fierce.

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