Sony Looks To Create A Universal Controller


Sony may be making a move to better capitalize on that growth, were it to proceed to the manufacturing and distribution phase for a new controller patent application. The concept, which surfaced in the US Patent & Trademark Office's online database yesterday, details a "Universal Game Console Controller" that could "emulate the controllers of popular game consoles, such as…the PlayStation, a controller made by Nintendo, Xbox game controllers made by Microsoft, Amiga CD-32 controllers, Atari Jaguar controllers, Gravis Gamepad controllers, Sega controllers, and Turbographics [sic] controllers."

To do this, Sony's universal controller would incorporate a touch-screen LCD display that would lay out the button configurations of the various game pads. The filing notes that the controller's LCD display could only show one type of control scheme at a time, though up to three types of schemes could be stored in the controller. As could be guessed by the aforementioned controller list, consoles wouldn't need to be current to be compatible with the universal gamepad.


Outstanding! This is a great idea.

Now some gamers could come out and say: "But it's not the real controller!" And I totally understand that, but at the same time this might be one of the coolest new gadgets to come out of Sony's camp in quite  some time.

Imagine having only one controller for all your systems. That's something I've been dreaming about for a long, long time. I own fifteen consoles, so anything that reduces clutter is a good thing.

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