Iann Robinson's Film Bits: 24 Movie, JAWS Remake, SAW Done?

So much going on out there in Tinsel Town it almost makes me not wish a flood would wash that place into the ocean....almost. Anyhoo first up is the ever talked about and never moved forward with 24 Movie. Here's how it's going to work. More than likely this 8th (and awesome so far) season of 24 will be the show's last. Shattered Glass writer Billy Ray is already working on a film script set in Europe. If the ratings for season 8 go well the movie is on, if not, then time will run out for the 24 franchise.

Here's a rumor that makes me want to take hostages and kill everybody. Apparently Universal wants to remake Jaws...yep, you heard me, remake Jaws. According to these idiots who are, like everybody else, soiling themselves to make a 3-D franchise in a post Avatar world thinks Jaws in 3-D would be awesome (yeah because it worked so well last time). The company thinks a 3-D CGI Shark and a young hip cast will bring in new viewers. Some rumors even have Tracey Morgan starring in it.  AWESOME, glad these pricks missed everything that was great about the original.

In better film news the folks behind the awful-yet-popular Saw series are claiming that Saw VII will be the last of the series and will wrap up all the questions and hanging threads fans have wondered about. Granted movie folks always say this (Friday The 13th Part IV anyone) but maybe, just maybe this time it's true.

 Well it looked so good back then why the hell not reboot it!!

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