Richard Fairgray's Guide to Feeling Good About Yourself: The Britney Spears Remake

I spent some time trying to find one of my favourite videos on Youtube this morning but unfortunately it has been removed.  it was a person (I honestly could never work out the gender) lip syncing to the Tori Amos cover of I Don't Like Mondays.  It was a truly brilliant video for boosting your self esteem but sadly it could not be found.

Instead this week I bring you this.

It's not so much the video itself that makes me feel good, it's the knowledge that the people who made it REALLY thought they were being hilarious.  It's sort of like watching anything Quentin Tarantino does.

OK, I'll go away for a week and find more sad people to show you.  Would you like to see fat kids getting hurt or is that too obvious?

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