Tiger Woods Likely To Return To Golf At Orlando Tournament

Tiger Woods might not even find it necessary to venture outside the Isleworth gates to make his return to competitive golf.

Citing a source "who works for the Woods family," TMZ.com reports that the besmirched No. 1 golfer is making plans to tee it up at next month's Tavistock Cup, the made-for-TV rivalry of ritzy Orlando clubs set for March 22-23 at Woods' home course.

Isleworth's annual showdown against Lake Nona is a semi-private affair, where only a few hundred spectators are invited to walk the fairways with 20 top PGA Tour, LPGA and European Tour pros. Golf Channel televises the event.

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Since this announcement and the updates today over at TMZ, Orlando's golfing community has been abuzz that Tiger Woods will indeed make his return to action at the prestigious Tavistock Cup in March 2010.

The Tavistock Cup is an annual two-day exhibition event between the upscale Orlando golfing neighborhoods of Lake Nona and Isleworth (where Tiger lives) and will take place on March 22nd and 23rd.

You can learn more about the history of this competition here.

This would be the perfect place for Tiger to begin rebuilding his career.  It is in his hometown, it will be televised on the Golf Channel and although it is a PGA event, access to it is very limited. It also gives Tiger and his representatives a chance to meet with many high profile and potential sponsors with a view to rebuilding the revenue streams that dried up in the wake of his infidelities.

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