FANTASY HOOPS: Last-Minute Lineup Tips

It’s a bit of a short week for one NBA team, and we’re coming off the All-Star Break, so take these factors into account, courtesy of

Make sure day-to-day hasn’t turned into week-to-week
The extended rest has given many dinged-up dribblers enough time to recuperate. Derrick Rose, Corey Maggette and Andy Bynum should be good to go. As for Brandon Roy, Tony Parker, Trevor Ariza, Joakim Noah and Ray Felton, it’s up in the air. Kobe Bryant is a surprise no-go tonight, due to the shaky ankle. And Monta Ellis is heading to Dr. James Andrews to get his knee checked out. Not a good sign. Keep an eye on the injury update news right up until your transaction deadline.

Beware of trade bait
We’ve already seen one deal shake things up today (Marcus Camby to Portland). Stay on top of the revised roles for both teams. Same goes for the Caron Butler trade that took place over the weekend. Also, be very cautious of starting players who are heavily rumored to be on the move. They could miss a game or two transitioning to a new team.

Do a game count
With no games on Presidents Day, we have an extra day to study the schedule. If you’re in a composite league where you total up your stats, plan accordingly. The Lakers play just two games, so consider benching them if you have a 4-gamer on your bench. For a quick look at who’s playing how many games, scroll to the bottom of this week’s Hustle Points Column by Si.

Come by our live chat for the latest updates and advice
Since lineup deadlines aren’t til Tuesday, our “voices carry” over a day with our live chat. If you’re not sure who to start, or have questions about injuries and trade ramifications, come by the site tonight at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

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