TWILIGHT "Manillow" Might Be Creepiest Product Ever

If you're not sure what to get your Twilight fan for a birthday, Christmas or just because you want to make sure they ALWAYS remember you might I suggest this little item.

Called a "Manillow" this little beauty is a comfy sex-doll shaped pillow with Edward's face badly slapped on to make it appealing (I believe it also comes in "Hunky Werewolf" too).

Check it out!


While I realize that Twilight isn't a movie made for me  - I'm not a 16 year old girl - there's still something incredibly creepy about this "manillow."

Could it be the name? Could it be the size? Perhaps it's the fact that either an underage child or (more creepily) an adult Twilight-Mom would want this thing leering at them all night. The most stunning aspect of this whole affair is that over at Etsy (where you can buy one) the "manillow" is on back order.

This is marketing gone berserk folks.
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