Holy Esther! You Say Purim, I Say Chris Noth and Snooki and Some Shards Of Glass


Heavy snow and ice caused the glass ceiling at the Sony Building's atrium to fall, injuring 10 people who were there for a Purim party. Luckily, the injuries were described as minor—and the Daily News headlined its story, "'Jersey Shore's' Snooki and Chris Noth escape injury as Sony Plaza's roof collapses during party.

via gothamist.com

The weird part for me once I get over the idea that Snooki and Chris Noth are at a purim party is that my sister and I were just talking about Chris Noth. We're wondering if women try to get him to scare babies out of them, like he did in the SATC movie.  People have so many myths about getting a baby out, he's gotta be one of them, right?
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