Amazing Life Size Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader Concept Helmet

For those of us deep in the world of Star Wars this is a pretty exciting announcement, especially if you have the kind of bread it takes to buy this amazing item. Back in the day as an unknown George Lucas was trying to shill his largely laughed at Star Wars concept to theaters an artist known as Ralph McQuarrie drew up some breathtaking images that actually helped sell the idea to 20th Century Fox.

Since then books, toys and t-shirts featuring the original McQuarrie concepts for beloved characters have hit the market but today's announcement of a Ralph McQuarrie life size Darth Vader Concept Helmet is the cherry on that sundae. Here are the specs and images of the mask.

 Digitally sculpted from an original concept sketch, chosed by Ralph McQuarrie
3 Piece construction: Face Mask, Dome and Back Collar
High quality fiberglass construction
Machined metal and injection molded details
Leather lined interior
eFX Custom Display Stand
Numbered Signature Plaque, hand signed by Ralph McQuarrie
Certificate of Authenticity
15″H X 12″W X 9″D

For the mere cost of $900 you can own this brilliant helmet and with my birthday right around the corner those of you looking to get me something...well, hint hint. The helmet is only being stocked at 250 pieces so if you want in on this limited item head on over to EFX to pre-oder it

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