Flicks & Food With The Domestic Diva: THE BLIND SIDE Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Final Sandra Bullock has had quite a year.

She is nominated for both an Oscar for Best Actress for THE BLIND SIDE and a Razzie for Worst Actress for ALL ABOUT STEVE.  Thus, she could pull off the unprecedented feat of the double win in the same year!  Possessing an actual sense of humor, a rarity among the Hollywood elite, she has vowed to accept both awards in person should she win, though the competition is fierce.  On the one hand, there's Meryl Streep (her awards shelf is already more crowded than a girl scout's sash) and on the other hand, there's Megan Fox (foxy, yes, actressy, no).  I'll leave it you, my dear readers, to assess for which awards Streep and Fox compete against Sandy (and no, they're not both up for Razzies).  

So being a glass half full kind of gal, we're going to focus on the box office bonanza that is THE BLIND SIDE.  The plot goes a little something like this.  A poor, non-white kid from the Memphis ghetto who also happens to be some sort of giant gets taken in by perky, annoying, super-freaking-Christian Sandra Bullock, who is cleverly disguised with the ugliest blond wig of all time (it's method acting at its finest).  Because he's an over-sized freak of nature and not white, he naturally excels at football, they all learn touching life lessons from each other and yada yada yada I'm guessing there's a major football game complete with college recruiters and the good guys beat the crap out of the bad guys.  They all live happily ever after.  The end. 

Or at least, this is what I gather from the trailer.  I confess that I haven't actually seen this flick - my tolerance for pure saccharine runs low.  Plus, I've heard it causes cancer.  But it does make me wonder if I should be writing screenplays instead of 1) fictions novels that take forever and 2) unpaid freelance columns. 

So here's your flicks and food tie-in in honor of Sanda Bullock's Southern twang, which is only marginally better than Kevin Costner's British accent in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.  Memphis, where this beloved movie takes place, is famous for their BBQ.  Therefore, my recipe is a simple take on BBQ which involves simply throwing the meat and sauce into a slow-cooker (Crock Pot) and letting it braise all day long.  Then, the meat is layered onto a whole grain bun slathered with ginger-mango chutney and layered with microgreens (mixed greens would work, too).  The result is a healthy take on BBQ that isn't lacking in flavor! 

So if you're a winner like everyone in this movie, then try this recipe!  I promise that it's more likely to win a Food Oscar than a Food Razzie.

And while you're at it, don't forget to check out my blog Domestic Divas(www.domesticdivasblog.com) for other great recipes, restaurant and wine reviews.  Other special features include Simple Suppers, a series featuring meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, Wine Of The Week, a weekly column highlighting my favorite wines, and Music On Tap, a section devoted to introducing readers to new music.

THE BLIND SIDE Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Makes about 4 sandwiches
Cooking time: 4-6 hours on high

1 pound organic chicken thighs, fat trimmed
2 cups BBQ sauce
4 whole wheat buns, toasted
4 tablespoons ginger mango chutney or other chutney
2 cups microgreens or mixed greens

In a slow-cooker (crock pot), add the chicken and cover with BBQ sauce. Simmer on high for approximately 4-6 hours or on low for 6-8 hours, or until very tender. Shred the chicken with a fork.

Once the chicken is cooked, toast the buns. Spread with chutney, add a good helping of BBQ chicken and top with the microgreens or mixed greens. Enjoy!

Wine Pairing
To stand up to the bold, zesty flavors in this BBQ dish, I recommend a California Zinfandel.  Check out Ridge Vineyards or Carlisle Winery or I'm a huge Turley fan!  Also, make sure to check out my blog Domestic Divas for a full list of my favorite wineries as well as my Wine Of The Week column.

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JENNIFER DAWN ROGERS … A graduate of Harvard University and a former film development executive, Jennifer cooks and writes in Los Angeles. In 2009, she launched her blog Domestic Divas(www.domesticdivasblog.com), which focuses on local, organic cooking, restaurant and wine reviews.  She is currently writing her first novel.

To contact Jennifer about freelance writing, check out her website(www.jenniferdawnrogers.com) or email her at domesticdivasblog [@] gmail [dot] com.

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