Creator Departs AMC's RUBICON

Today's THR  reports that creator/co-showrunner Jason Horwitch is departing AMC's upcoming series Rubicon and Henry Bromell, who was brought in to shepherd the show, will take over as sole showrunner.

The article doesn't give any reason. But, there has to be something major going on for a creator to abandon his show. Especially after the first season plot has been worked through but before anything has been shot.  It is a little like a parent giving his kid up for adoption when it is already a toddler. The only other recent case I can think of like this is the 90210 redux where Rob Thomas left before the final draft of the pilot, and that whole writer's room was a giant mess until at least the end of the first season. This case is a lot more curious.

Jason Horwitch's script, which AMC picked up to pilot in August 2008, is about a secret society that manipulates world politics through a think tank meets the CIA type office of really smart and odd characters. It is one of the best pilot scripts I have ever read; it was smart, interesting and, most importantly in the current climate, a new idea. The shot pilot was a great translation of the script and it was easy to see AMC having another unique hit on their hands. So, why let the creator go? I am just crossing my fingers that this is not the harbinger of a decrease in quality on the current rising star of cable networks. More importantly, I am crossing my fingers that even without Horwitch, Rubicon lives up to its vast potential.

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