Coheed & Cambria Unleash New Album This Spring

It's official. On April13th 2010, we will finally get our hands on Coheed & Cambria's 5th studio album, Year Of The Black Rainbow.

The band also announced via their website that the long awaited prequel to the Armory Wars tetralogy will be released in two formats by Roadrunner Records: a standard run-of-the-mill edition and a deluxe edition. 

The deluxe edition will include a 352-page Year Of The Black Rainbow novel, penned by the band’s Claudio Sanchez and New York Times bestselling author Peter David, a Making-of-DVD featuring studio and interview footage, and a Coheed and Cambria Black Card that will make cardholders eligible to early entrance to selected shows, discounts on band merchandise and exclusive downloads and offers.

For the uninitiated, Year Of The Black Rainbow will be the prequel to the band’s four previous inter-related concept albums which comprise The Armory Wars, the conceptual narrative driving the band’s lyrics - penned by Coheed & Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez. Year Of The Black Rainbow will most likely be the final installment in the narrative of The Armory Wars.

‘Year Of The Black Rainbow’ is produced by Atticus Ross (Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction) and Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool). According to the Sanchez, “They have helped us evolve our sound to be more powerful and dynamic than ever and we think it’s definitely our best work to date.” The new record also features the studio debut of Coheed & Cambria drummer Chris Pennie, who has been playing alongside Sanchez, guitarist Travis Stever and bassist Michael Robert Todd since 2007.

The band also released a teaser video (find it below) for YOTBR that fails to ignite any type of excitement for what this album might be. The one and a half minute video consists of cheaply shot footage of mountains and clouds, set to the most ridiculous narrator this side of the 1980 Flash Gordon film "adaptation" - and only four seconds of music to boot.

Not good C&C. As a fan, this video is a complete disappointment.

The album’s release will be preceded by a series of eight intimate club gigs in the U.S. Coheed & Cambria are also confirmed for Coachella on April 17. UK dates will be announced shortly.

The complete track listing for ‘Year Of The Black Rainbow’ is:

1. One

2. The Broken

3. Guns Of Summer

4. Here We Are Juggernaut

5. Far

6. The Shattered Symphony

7. World Of Lines

8. Made Out Of Nothing

9. Pearl Of The Stars

10. In The Flame Of Error

11. When Skeletons Live

12. The Black Rainbow

Super Lame Teaser

Super Awesome Song

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