Chiklis is NO ORDINARY Superhero

Per THR,  Michael Chiklis has agreed to star in No Ordinary Family aka the ABC pilot which is a live-action The Incredibles. I am trying to wrap my head around Chiklis going from The Shield to a show that is essentially Brothers and Sisters meets Heroes.

No Ordinary Family by Greg Berlanti and Jon Feldman tells the story of the Powell's, a fairly typically dysfunctional suburban family with an extremely successful scientist Mom, gave-up-on-his-dreams sketch artsist Dad and their two teenage kids who all suddenly gain super powers.  However, that does not solve their emotional problems, so they still have to go to therapy.   And that is the whole point of the series.  People with extraordinary abilities still have ordinary problems.   

Chiklis has been cast as the Dad. Who starts as a wimp. Basically the comedic version of Walter White from Breaking Bad. This is either brilliant or horrible casting.

Chiklis being cast may be what the pilot needs to get picked up to series. Based on the premise alone, I don't think it would.  I think there is room for another super hero show on the air, or, rather, I think there is room for a well done superhero show on the air. But I don't think this is it. I just can't imagine it showing us anything new in the superhero arena or how ABC will market the show to get people to tune in. It will be the first season of Friday Night Lights all over again.  People who tune in for superhero fun will be turned off by the family soap and people who like soaps won't tune in because it looks like a superhero show. 

On the other hand, I would tune in just to see Chiklis in a cape. And, hopefully, tights.

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