A sad week for Killswitch Engage fans as front man Howard Jones has been forced off the band's current jaunt around the country. Since his decision to leave people have been speculating everything from the band breaking up yet another front man flying the coop (Jesse Leach left in 2002). Today Killswitch Engage released this quote.

“It became overwhelmingly obvious to all of us around Howard that he is in no condition to be on tour right now and that he needed to get off the road and get himself better. It’s a personal matter and while we understand everyone’s curiosity and concern for Howard and the band, we appreciate everyone respecting Howard’s privacy at this time.”

The band has decided not to end the tour but rather have longtime buddy Phil Labonte, vocalist of the band All That Remains, to fill in during Jones' absence. As of now there is no validity to the rumors that Howard Jones has left the band or that Killswitch Engage have broken up.
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