Your New Favorite: Ming Doyle

We're still in the early days here, obviously, but I'm thinking of making this something of a recurring feature:

Since I've started writing comics, I've had occasion to search through a lot of sketchblogs and portfolio sites and DeviantArt pages and whatnot looking for collaborators, and I've discovered tons of excellent cartoonists that I otherwise might never have known. So I thought it might be nice to introduce the rest of world to a few of my favorites. Maybe it'll be a handy resource for the overworked editors of the world looking for someone to give bags of money to; maybe it'll wind up introducing somebody to a new favorite artist? At the very least I'll post some pretty pictures to oogle at work.

First up, let me get Ming Doyle out of the way before she's too famous to qualify for this kind of feature.

You might already be familiar with Ming if you've read any comics anthologies in the past few years: she seems to be in almost all of them, from Popgun to Outlaw Territory to the surprisingly-stocked-with-talent Jennifer's Body tie-in to the Asian-American super-hero anthology Secret Identities (with a story written by Keiko Agena, aka Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls*). You might also know Ming if you frequent Project Rooftop, to which she is a frequent contributor, or from her excellent new webcomic (written by Kevin Church), The Lonliest Astronauts.

Or maybe you stumbled across her work while trying to figure out just why, exactly, kids love Green Arrow?

Ming has a gorgeous, inky line and a kind of harsh-but-soft at the same time kind of quality to her stuff that allows her to handle everything from western drama to superhero romance comedy to hipster noir (see below). Plus, she's one of the friendliest people you'll ever want to meet. 

Ming tells me she has some big things coming up in the near future, that she's unfortunately sworn to secrecy on, but one upcoming project she CAN plug is Marvel's Girl Comics anthology, for which she'll be drawing a short story.

Check out a few samples of her work, I'm sure you'll agree she's someone to look out for.






I had the pleasure to work with Ming on an 8-page short story for the second issue of my crime anthology book, EGG, so since this is the first installment of this little series, I thought I'd include that whole story as an added bonus. It's drawn by Ming, written and colored by me, and it's available here for the very first time on the internets (though you may have seen if before if you were at this year's King Con Brooklyn.)


*Yes, I have just publicly outed myself as a fan of Gilmore Girls, and I stand by that.
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