Your New Favorite: Connor Willumsen

Hey, what did I tell you? An honest-to-god recurring feature!

Since I've been writing comics, I've had occasion to search through a lot of sketchblogs and portfolio sites and DeviantArt pages and whatnot looking for collaborators, and I've discovered tons of excellent cartoonists that I otherwise might never have known. So I thought it might be nice to introduce the rest of world to a few of my favorites.

This week, the artist I asked to draw the very first comic I ever wrote: the great Connor Willumsen.

Connor has quickly become sought-after by everyone who sees his work, but he's been adamant about steering his own path: apart from a few stories in Popgun, a few pin-ups, a back-up story here or there, Connor has mainly confined his energies to his own personal work and some work for Casterman in France... but make no mistake, he's the real thing, and you'll be hearing from him sooner or later.

Connor is still young enough to wear his influences on his sleeve a little bit--there's some Paul Pope in there, some Mobius, some Alex Toth, some Eisner--but he's well on his way to fusing those into a style all his own, and it's something to see. His linework, whether in deep inky black strokes or fine clear lines, is always gorgeous, but it's his keen sense of storytelling that really floats my boat.

But don't take my word for it; you can read many of Connor's comics on his portfolio site, or check out the samples below.



Check back next week for another New Favorite!

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