Fantasy Hoops: Rants & Raves

You need to not only be wary of Carlos Boozer’s injury in week 15, but keep close watch on news about Devin Harris (wrist), Tyreke Evans (bruised hip), Chris Kaman (sprained ankle), Carmelo Anthony (sprained ankle), Chris Paul (knee injury), Tony Parker (sprained ankle), Al Harrington (bruised knee), Brandon Roy (sprained ankle) and Steve Nash (abdominal strain, groin). These players have missed time with their conditions, or have the potential to do so. I still say that’s a longer list than usual.

Minnesota is the only NBA team with a two-game week in Period 15. Al Jefferson and Kevin Love are the only two potentially startable Timberwolves, but the way they’ve been producing (or NOT producing) recently, I’d think twice about using them. Of course, the moment you don’t, watching them freakin’ go off for season highs…the law of averages and all, you know.

I hate people who tell me I play it too safe in fantasy sports. They say I need to go for that high-risk, high-reward player. People, I have won 16 basketball, 12 baseball and 2 football fantasy titles, in this, my eleventh year of participating in fantasy. I avoid the Boozers (well, til now), Tracy McGradys and other easily injured guys for the security of having a healthy body who may give me a little less output. I keep my 2-for-1 trades to a minimum because I like bench depth in case of injury. In short, it works for me, so why criticize my style as your preface to offering me a trade. One should usually open trade talks letting the trade partner know that you want to do a deal that will benefit both teams (whether that is truly your aim or not). By the way, if the guy who traded me Boozer is reading, I want a refund! [Editor’s note: Sorry, no refunds for people who ignore their own strategies.]

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