WWE: Brian Kendrick Sounds Off On WWE, Marijuana Use

Former WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick told Slam Wrestling that working for WWE brought out the worst in him. "A lot of that time did," he said. "I wasn't satisfied, I felt that my work was good. My work was to wrestle, I am a good wrestler, I did a good job. I also know that certain behavior was encouraged, some actions were frowned upon, and I didn't care."

Kendrick also stated that he didn't believe the reason John Laurinaitis gave when he fired him. "I asked for the real reason, 'Is it the pot fines?' I had a script for it, I had heated discussions with Dr. Black, I had to refuse a test to get him to call me at one point. He wouldn't admit to that. I wanted honesty, maybe I got it, but I think more likely I am dealing with a coward. He did fire me over the phone after all." To read the full story, visit SLAM Wrestling.

Powell's POV: Black is the doctor in charge of the WWE drug testing. I've always been curious what would happen if a wrestler had a script for marijuana from a state that allows medicinal marijuana. Obviously, Kendrick caught heat for marijuana use in WWE. Whether you agree with medicinal marijuana or not, the bottom line is that the guy had a doctor's note that permitted marijuana use. I wonder if WWE is leaving themselves open to a lawsuit by punishing wrestlers with medicinal marijuana cards. By the way, Kendrick also stated that he smoked cigarettes in WWE because it irked "the boss" and gave him an excuse to leave the arenas for ten minutes. 

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