Wife of North Ireland's First Minister In Scandalous Love Affair With Teenager

Have you ever thought about faking your death just to ditch the weirdo you made the mistake of sleeping with?  Well then take a tip from Irishman Kirk McCambley.  You don't need to fake your death.  Just fake a life-threatening illness!  Here's the story from QMI Agency:

Young businessman Kirk McCambley faked a serious illness to end his affair with Iris Robinson, the wife of the leader of Northern Ireland, after she bombarded him with attention, the Irish Independent reported on Tuesday.  The newspaper said that McCambley told Robinson that he had testicular cancer that threatened his life and affected his sexual performance.  Robinson has admitted having an affair with the then-19-year-old McCambley and floating him loans from business friends. The BBC has accused Peter Robinson of failing to report these loans to parliamentary ethics officials.

The Independent said McCambley had a teenage girlfriend while he was involved with Robinson, and panicked when his 59-year-old lover wanted constant attention.  Robinson harassed her lover with texts, phone calls, emails and love letters, a source told the newspaper.

After their relationship finished, Robinson turned hostile to her former lover and put him under enormous pressure to return money she had procured for him.  McCambley told a BBC Spotlight program last Thursday that he had known Robinson since he was nine years old. He added that she was a regular visitor to his father William's shop.

Robinson is also alleged to have had an affair with McCambley senior, along with two unnamed Democratic Unionist Party politicians.  The scandal has rocked the Northern Ireland government.

Peter Robinson stepped down Monday for a six-week period - and could be gone for good if parliamentary watchdogs find him guilty of suppressing details of his wife¹s financial affairs.

Here's the best line of the whole article:

Iris Robinson is continuing to receive acute psychiatric treatment in Belfast.

According to her Wikipidia entry, Iris Robinson is a politician in her own right, having been elected to public office more than once.  She describes herself as a born-again Christian and once said that "the government has the responsibility to uphold God's laws" during a BBC interview.  Apparently, Mrs. Robinson forgot about the Commandment that states "Thou shalt not covet thy former lover's teenage son".

Apparently, this whole scandal has pushed the classic Simon and Garfunkel song "Mrs. Robinson" back onto the music charts in the United Kingdom, but I think Paul Simon needs to hit the recording studio with some new lyrics to his solo hit "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover".

And PLEASE tell me this woman will be part of the next season of Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew!!!

Anthony Kingdom James is the host of The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show, a weekly pop culture podcast.  He lives in Toronto, Canada.

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