Green Power Ranger Wins MMA Debut (Video Included)


If you have been following the MMA news on here for past month or so you might remember that we announced that the former Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, would be making his MMA debut this weekend against another newcomer named Jonathon "The Mack Truck" Mack.

The fight happened tonight at "Lonestar Beatdown" and the fight was said to be a little lop sided at first with Mack getting the better of their first exchange of striking while standing and even blasting JDF with a shot that caused his mouth to begin swelling. 

Mack caught JDF with a hard right hand that knocked him to the floor but Mack insisted on letting him back up instead of trying to stop him. A big take down by Mack on JDF turned out to be a mistake as The Green Ranger's ground game proved to be superior as he locked on the Omoplata for the win. 

After the match, he pulled out his dragon dagger, whistled into it and summoned Dragonzord to ride out of the arena in style... Wait... I am lying, that would be too geeky wouldn't it? (Maybe... maybe not?)

Here is the video of his debut from last night. 

Overall not a highly impressive debut win for Jason David Frank but a win is a win. I can see him improving and continuing to get better as time goes by. He is marketable simply from his past as a Power Ranger and seems to have a good ground game and the ability to pull submissions which can only be good for him in the long run.

Zordon on the other hand must be proud of his Green Ranger.


-RDLee- (

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