Ratchet & Clank Action Figures Exclusive Review

Ratchet & Clank is one of my favorite platform games of all time. I have been a huge fan of this awesome Insomniac game since its beginning in late 2002. The main character Ratchet, an adorable fox-like creature called a Lombax, teams up with Clank, a witty and sarcastic robot side-kick, team up to save the galaxy from numerous evil forces every episode. The graphic are never disappointing, the puzzles and action are fantastic, and the comedy is second-to-none.

So when I heard that DC Direct was coming out with a line of Ratchet and Clank action figures, my little gamer heart squeed! Although the toys are only available by pre-order at the moment, I was lucky enough to get an exclusive first look at the actual figures!

My official review: They’re AWESOME!

I am very impressed with the attention to detail in every figure and the accessories included. The expressions, weaponry, pose-ability and overall quality make these figures a “Do Want” for any fan of the video game saga. Check out these action shots:

ratchet and clank action figures all sets

Each set is totally worth the under $20 price tag. Set 1 includes Ratchet, his wrench, a transforming Clank and a weapon. Set 2 includes Armored Ratchet, Clank with wings, Mr. Zurkon, and another kick-ass gun. Set 3 includes Captain Qwark with his monkey Scrunch. And Set 4 includes Dr. Nefarious with a Zoni.

ratchet and clank action figuresThe Armored Ratchet and Clank are by far my favorite. Clank, sporting his green translucent wings, snaps into the back of Ratchet. And for additional protection, Mr. Zurkon easily affixes to the side of Clank. (not shown)

ratchet and clank action figures

Dr. Nefarious is also a must buy. Check out the detailed bits of "brain" in his glowing green noggin.

ratchet and clank action figuresAnd Captain Qwark's suave smirk brings this video game character to life.

I am overall very impressed with the quality of these figures and recommend to all fans of the Ratchet & Clank series. They will be available in January for purchase online or from your local comic shop.

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